mePed v2.0 Complete Kit

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The mePed robot is an awesome little open source quadruped robot which allows anyone to build their very own walking robot with no prior knowledge in robotics.

The mePed robot was designed by Spierce Technologies to help beginners as well as more advanced robot enthusiasts get into the exciting world of robotics. Out of the box, the mePed is pre-programmed with a simple set of commands that allow you to make the robot move around the room, wave, and dance. With a little bit of extra programming, you can make the mePed navigate mazes, avoid obstacles, or anything else you can imagine. Everything about the mePed is open source so you can hack it, remix it, and reprogram it to make it unique and your own!

The mePed Complete kit includes everything needed to assemble and start having fun with your very own mePed Quadruped Robot! From the high quality wood pieces and fasteners that make up the body of the mePed to the custom printed circuit board, pre-programmed Arduino controller, Ultrasonic Range Sensor, and IR Remote Control.

Kit Contents:
1ea - Body Wood Kit
8ea - Metal Gear Servos
40ea - M3 x 10mm Screws
16ea - M3 x 12mm Screws
4ea - M3 x 16mm Screws
28ea - M3 Hex Nuts
32ea - M3 Nyloc Hex Nuts
4ea - Circuit Board Spacers
1ea - Arduino Nano Micro Controller
1ea - mePed Circuit Board
1ea - IR Sensor
1ea - IR Remote Control
1ea - Ultrasonic Range Sensor
1ea - AA Battery Holder
1ea - Illustrated Assembly Manual