mePed Robot V2 - Base Kit

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This awesome little open source quadruped robotic walking platform is great for getting your feet wet in the wide world of robotics! Just add an Arduino or other micro controller, a simple circuit and a power supply and you have a functioning robot platform!

This kit includes:

  • 1ea - Wood kit containing all of the pieces that make up the main structure of the mePed Quadruped Robot
  • 8ea - High Torque Metal Gear Servos
  • 40ea - M3 x 10mm Screws
  • 16ea - M3 x 12mm Screws
  • 4ea - M3 x 16mm Screws
  • 28ea - M3 Hex Nuts
  • 32ea - M3 Nyloc Hex Nuts
  • 4ea - Nylon Spacers
  • 1ea - End Wrench
  • 1ea - Allen Wrench
  • 1ea - Printed list of links to websites containing the assembly instructions, example source code, and other resources to help you make the most of your mePed.

The items that you will need to supply are a micro controller of your choice such as an Arduino, Beaglebone Black, or Raspberry Pi, wiring, power supply (batteries), sensors, and possibly a prototyping board.

Before laser cutting the robot, we cover the wood with a layer of protective masking tape so the wood doesn't get smoke damaged, giving you an awesome looking, high quality robot platform!

If you're looking for a complete robot kit that includes everything (except batteries) you need to build a walking robot, please see our mePed V2 Complete Kit